If your questions are not answered here, email to techtribe@smartid.com.sg. Our support team are happy to help!

Items Are Missing From My Order, What Can I Do?
Possible reasons
. Order Split Shipped: Check your order has not been split shipped in you Order Status
. Ordered from different warehouses: If you ordered from 2 different warehouse the order will have multiple shipments.
. We made a mistake: On rare occasions, an item maybe missed during packaging. We sincerely apologize for the mistake.
. Parcel damaged or items removed: The package seems modified or damaged and items may have fallen out.

If you have checked the status and there is only one shipment expected. Apply the after-sales service in my order.

Can I Return A Product?
We provide “3 Day Return To Us” policy which covers returns. You will receive the refund excluding original shipping and the return shipping cost. If you feel you don’t want an item, it is best to cancel within 24 hours of ordering. If an order is not shipped, we offer full refund. BUT if it’s shipped, kindly contact us first and return it to the appointed address.
My Products Is Not Working!

1. Make a video or photo showing the issue and email to techtribe@smartid.com.sg. This is fair for both parties.
2. We will Contact You for more information or give you a response about your claim within 3 Business days.
3. If it is covered under our Guarantee; you will likely be asked to return the product to us. Responsibility for the payment of shipping charges is determined on a case by case basis; usually the shipping costs for warranty claims are shared between Smart ID and the customer.

I Can Not Operate My Unit. The Instructions Are Not Clear. Can I Get Assistance?
Our product managers know their products very well, if you need assistance at any time Contact us and we will provide more information.
I Was Sent The Incorrect AC Adapter For My Country, What Can I Do?

If you purchase an item that include an electrical A/C connection, we will provide an adapter suitable for your country. If we didn’t send one or you received the incorrect adapter, please Contact us with your order number and we will send you the correct adapter asap.

Can I Get Spare Parts?

Contact us and our team will try our best what parts are available for you.

Easy Refund Methods.
 Payment Method  Refund Time Once Approved
 PayPal Express Checkout  Within one business day
 Credit Card  Refund within one business day, but bank processing may take 2-3 weeks to show in your account.